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Pikmin needs more love

FernBurn responds:

One day, Miyamoto will deliver us

There's a real soft quality to everything you do.
Do you typically stick to one brush when you paint these?

Sony-Shock responds:

Thanks! <3

Usually one brush for the 'lineart' (I don't really do lineart per se, I use the original sketch and color it!) and color, and one brush for rendering. The rendering brush is SAI's Watercolor modified for just blending, and the other brush is just SAI's marker with a flat streak shape 'v'

I would really love to see how your characters look in animation!

This is some fantastic work! Definitely better than any pixel art I've made.

Her legs look a bit off. Her body is turned to the left, but her legs are apart as if she's facing forward. Maybe tilt her leg on the left inwards and make it look like its turned outward.

The colors are my favorite part. Good use of complementary colors. :)

This is nice! The clothing detail is immaculate, but I feel there are a few easy adjustments you could do to make the whole design stronger!

Her head is a bit too human, in contrast to her much more toony body. I think simplifying the chin shape, giving her a rounder head, reducing emphasis on the lower lip, and simpler eyes would make the whole design gel together better.

That clothing detail is amazing 😳

fledgie responds:

thank youu <33

Whoa bro. That smoke'll make you choke

I love the viscous look of her hair😲

MetaGrif responds:

Thank you so much ^^


If we can get a picture of Julia Roberts in a thong, we can certainly get a picture of this weirdo.

Illustrator of cute characters and other wacky things.
Only SFW.

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